Lauren Bortolami Robbins - Reviews by Clients 2014 

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She's amazing at what she does, very personable and welcoming too. Definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested. Jacqui Freeman, 2014
One of the best readings ever - Shane McNamara


Review from Famous Psychic Medium Directory, October, 2014  -  I Love Lauren! I first met Lauren when I took my daughter and five of her friends to her shop to celebrate my daughters “Halloween” birthday. What we expected was simply a fun and games kind of night, what we got was simply amazing!! We cried, we laughed, we were in awe that everyone of us were read with such detail and accuracy. None of us had ever laid eyes on her, yet she knew so much, too much! lol. We then attended classes with Lauren, where we learned she is also a great teacher and just an amazing, caring, thoughtful, down to earth person, that I know will be apart of my life forever. My dad was sick when we first met, hospitalized and dying days before Christmas, I”ll never forget, she called me asking if she could to Reiki on him (from her home)…. my dad came home for Christmas, he then passed Dec. 29th but there is no doubt in my mind, Lauren gave me my last Christmas with my dad! <3 Forever grateful Claire 

What can I say.... I had two psychic readings with Lauren..AND both times were so accurate. She is outstanding at what she does. A true blessing! She predicted somthing that came to pass that day. Not only did she describe the person to a T she also gave me some interesting things to look at for about him. Everything makes sense when you talk to Lauren. She has a beautiful gift!You have a client for life :) Thank you - Fatima Ali - August, 2014


July, 2014 - Voices from Heaven Show - I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Lauren and communicating with a loved one. It was amazing. Lauren was able to give both my mother in law and mother much needed closure with their departed. It was an unforgettable, wonderfully healing experience for all of us. Rachel Raposo - August, 2014


I received a psychic reading from Lauren and she was spot on with everything. She knew exactly what I was going through at this time in my life and even described my daughter perfectly without even meeting her. Lauren has this way of making you feel comfortable right from the start. She has helped me to want to start moving forward with my life. Thank you Lauren for everything. I will definitely be coming back again to see you.  Meghan  Pintosse - August 16, 2014


Hi Lauren, I just wanted to thank you and also tell everyone what a great experience I had taking my Usui Master Level Reiki class with you. Reiki has been a wonderful journey for me and when we met I knew that I wanted you to be part of my journey by being my Master teacher.  You were very thorough in your preparation for the class and provided a detailed manual for me. You also made sure that each step along the way that I was comfortable with what I was doing and also had complete knowledge of not only of the symbols but of their meaning and how and when to use them. There was a lot of material covered in that day long class but you made sure that I was confident in what I had learned before I left that day. And of course it was a lot of fun! My journey continues and is ever evolving but a day or two after taking the class I noticed how much stronger my reiki energy was. I know that we now have that connection of student and teacher and am so glad that we do!   Also, I wanted to mention that one of my first meetings with you was when I won a free 20 minute mediumship reading with you which was awesome!  I was hoping to connect with my Dad and you did.  What you told me was very accurate and comforting to me.  It was a great experience and can't wait to do it again. Trish Higgins - 2014

Lauren, Thank You so much for your honesty. It was exactly what I needed. Lauren is kind and so caring but honest! She picked up on the person I was talking about completely. She is the real deal. Call her if you want an honest and accurate reading posted on Apr 9, 2014 by Michele Catherel
I love the groups that Lauren heads and wonderful people people and we are all able to meditate and practice is a sheer pleasure. Each time I go I get more validation and my visions readings are becoming more clear to me. I'm very happy I have started with Lauren's instruction. posted on Apr 2, 2014 by Nora Ayva

Lauren had helped me through a very difficult situation. She knew things that blew me away.... She asked no questions... Just brought thru my husbands personality and issues regarding his death so quickly. It gave me a peace knowing my husband is truly with me. Lauren was compassionate and honest. I will be a return client as well as refer her to friends. Thank u so much Lauren!!! posted on Apr 2, 2014 by Sarah Shoem

I hosted a group event with Lauren. She did table tipping, angel readings, & psychic readings. The table tipping confirmed my suspicions that there are spirits in my home &, although they told Lauren they don't want to cross over, they are behaving. My friends were blown away by things that Lauren told them in their private sessions. Very personal details that I didn't even know about my friends! I can't wait to have her back and my friends who weren't able to make it are begging me. Real deal! posted on Apr 1, 2014 by Peggy Corrina


Dear Lauren,
I have been a client of yours for over four years now, forReiki and Spiritual Work I want everyone to know that the benefits of Reiki performed by you are incredible. In the past when I would go for massages they would last about 3 days,  compared to the benefits of Reiki lasting at least 2 weeks, with respect to feeling relaxation, less stress and more calm in my life after receiving your treatments. Thelavender oil treatment I received during the last session totally took all my lower back pain away, and I find this to be another beneficial service that you provide. For all of you skeptics out there, if you go in with a positive and open mind and give Reiki a try at least 2 or 3 times you won't be dissapointed.  I give the Reiki Shoppe a 5 star rating for great service, and excellence in professionalism. Lauren keep up the great work you are a blessing in taking the stress out of the many lives that you touch.  Best of luck in  your business.Best Regards,PK, Middleboro, MA


Hi Lauren,
As most people who have endured going through a divorce well know, and as I am currently experiencing the pain and devastation associated with this  tragedy that hits far too many good people in this world.  I am writing this so everyone will know, your healing work is for real and it does work.   I am in the process of becoming divorced and said to myself maybe,  just maybe Reiki might help, and what do I have to lose. I was really shocked that when I arrived  that without saying a word about how I was feeling,  immediately you saw the pain, and devastation I was feeling, and that my heart was broken. I also came to you with alot of neck and back pain, and was having difficulty sleeping at night. Through your hands and with the Reiki my neck and back pain are gone, I sleep so much better, and I feel so much stronger emotionally.  I feel 100% better after having just one session with you.  Reiki works without question.  Lauren, you certainly have a wonderful gift of healing people and helping them,  in feeling better, I know you will no doubt continue to share your gift with everyone who seeks you. From the bottom of my heart,  I thank-you for being a major factor,  in healing me,  helping  me feel so much better, and truly assisting in mending my broken heart. All the best of success to you. AP, Bridgewater, MA

"You teach all that in your Reiki Class?", "The Reiki Class with you was absolutely amazing."- CC - Bridgewater, MA

"I give The Reiki Shoppe a 5 Star Rating." - Ken, Middleboro, MA


"You are the only one I can trust to figure out what's wrong with me" - AP, Therapist (Private location)

"I just wanted to say how much you have changed my life, I feel I met you for a reason."- AA - Brockton, MA

"I admire what you do to help those suffering" - AP - Chief, Fire Department"

"What you do for us is a much needed thing, thank you for helping us - June, 2011" - CS, Firefighter Comment"



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